The Day After

Because every individual is unique…

After signing the mortgage deed, you may continue to count on Oscar Prent Assurantiën BV. We will keep you updated on any changes that might interest you. The mortgage market is ever changing, and so are clients’ wishes. Please feel free to contact our team in case you wish to reconsider your mortgage.

Extending the term of your mortgage loan

Towards the due date of your fixed-interest term, the lender will come up with a proposal. Based on the daily interest rate, it might be worth selecting a long or short secondary period. This is the perfect moment for discussing matters with your adviser.

Accelerated repayments

Some of the mortgage structures allow you to make additional or early repayments. Your mortgage itself will remain as it is, however your monthly overheads or outstanding debt will change. Contact your mortgage expert to explore your best options.

Second mortgage

If you need money in the short term (e.g. refurbishment) you may increase your existing mortgage loan or take out a second loan, provided your income and the value of your home allow you to do so. Please bear in mind that your monthly overheads are likely to climb as a result.


In many cases, you may take your mortgage loan to your new home. This might be worthwhile if daily interest rates exceed the interest rate of your existing mortgage. Most lenders will provide this possibility.


Mortgage interest rates as well as the value of your property are very likely to change in the future. The difference between the market value and your mortgage debt is called’ equity’. We will be pleased to discuss how you might use this additional value as efficiently as possible.